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How does it work ?

My assistant Jessica will setup a timeslot for our session. To apply, as a model, thank you to fill in the form available here. Once your profile has been validated, you can also book a session via our Online Reservation Page.

Usually, a session lasts ±4 hours. Depending of your needs, shootings are done in our Studio (Saint-Cloud), outdoor or on site.

Feel free to come with your own outfits. However, you will have a large choice of garments, accessories and shoes in different sizes ( from XXS to M US Sizes – 32/38 EU Sizes – Shoes 36/39 ) available on site. Models have a dedicated changing room.

For make-up and hairdressing, if planned in advance, and for Beauty and Fashion shootings, Models can have a M.U.A. and hair-stylist that will take care of them. Otherwise, They are invited to come with a nude make-up. Makeups can be readjusted in the studio. All cosmetics are available here.

Philippe works in tethered shooting. All rough images are kept in a digital gallery on a private server with restricted accesses. All images exist in B&W and Color. Models will receive Hig-Res versions of the photographs Philippe will decide to retouch.

Models will agree and aknowledge that, by accepting collaboration process, they grant us to publish their photos on our Social Networks accounts.


Philippe regularly animates Workshops, classes and lectures. Workshops can be held in his studio ( Saint-Cloud ), in his Country House in Normandy, by the sea, or in any other location in France or abroad.

Workshops main topics are :


  • Headshot / Portrait photography.
  • Shooting in Studio & Lighting.
  • Wilderness Photography (In his House in Normandy)
  • Post Production (Photoshop – Lightroom – Capture One).
  • Learning to See.
  • Beauty & Fashion Photography

Philippe also gives some private tutoring lessons ( up to 3 persons in a group in face to face ) or via Webex when it comes to Retouching courses for instance.

Please contact Glamour Photography Studio for more Info on these events.



As a Model-Agency,  you are more than welcome to  send us your new faces for a test shoot. We will realize for you series of Pola-likes images. The rough shots of the session will be displayed in a restricted access Gallery after the shoot. A selection of the best captures in High and Low-Res files will be graciously sent to the Model and the Agency.

Full Projects

What we call “Full Projects” are works planned far in advance involving a full team such as Stylists, Fashion Designers, Hair Dresser, M.U.A., Prop man, Milliner…

Glamour Photography Studio will be more than happy to search for locations in phase with the mood of your project.


Philippe Jacquot Glamour Photography

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Phone : +33(0)6 8557 7630