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This page is my personal Lab. Here I will present my “Coups de Coeur”, my personal Projects, my “Secret Garden” as we say in French. I will post photographs I really like. Maybe I will publish short tutos, tips or thoughts on any given subject. It’s full-open… I love the idea to keep an opened door for escaping the official posture…

By May 2019, I  had the idea to try mimic some old flamish paintings from the Renaissance age. Some famous photographers really excel in this exercice such as Gemmy ( https://www.gemmywoudbinnendijk.com) . For me, this exercice is a real challenge. First, it’ll be a disruption… I’ll have to handle Color, Gee!  Another particular hindrance will be in the accessories, the period outfits… although I have always loved watching movies like Elizabeth or any other Mary Stuart-like films, my knowledge of this age is almost null… And despite this, my willing is to make the costumes from scatch, while I have strictly no skill in sewing and fashion-design. It’s a serious dare isn’t it ?

Last, but not least, I’ll have to work with a team…, but God be thanked, I have found an amazing Hair-Stylist, incredibly fast and talentuous ( Lucine Azanza ) and two fantastic M.U.A.(s) ( Patricia Prevot and Wanjun Zhao ). I really would like to thank them for the confidence they have shown in my project and their  total involvement. They are great professionals and their level eof enforcement is exceptional.


I will feed this “Renaissance-Gallery” run-of-the-river… so come back regularly to stay tuned.


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