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This page is my personal Lab. Here I will present my “Coups de Coeur”, my personal Projects, my “Secret Garden” as we say in French. I will post photographs I really like. Maybe I will publish short tutos, tips or thoughts on any given subject. It’s full-open… I love the idea to keep an opened door for escaping the official posture…

By May 2019, I  had the idea to try mimic some old flamish paintings from the Renaissance age. Some famous photographers really excel in this exercice such as Gemmy ( https://www.gemmywoudbinnendijk.com) . For me, this exercice is a real challenge. First, it’ll be a disruption… I’ll have to handle Color, Gee!  Another particular hindrance will be in the accessories, the period outfits… although I have always loved watching movies like Elizabeth or any other Mary Stuart-like films, my knowledge of this age is almost null… And despite this, my willing is to make the costumes from scatch, while I have strictly no skill in sewing and fashion-design. It’s a serious dare isn’t it ?

Last, but not least, I’ll have to work with a team…, but God be thanked, I have found an amazing Hair-Stylist, incredibly fast and talentuous ( Lucine Azanza ) and two fantastic M.U.A.(s) ( Patricia Prevot and Wanjun Zhao ). I really would like to thank them for the confidence they have shown in my project and their  total involvement. They are great professionals and their level eof enforcement is exceptional.


I will feed this “Renaissance-Gallery” run-of-the-river… so come back regularly to stay tuned.


Here is a new Challenge for my Models. What’s the deal ?

Actually very simple !

The idea is to showcase 3 only pictures . Get to know Me in three Captures… You, Models, have three photographs only to demonstrate the extent of your talent… Isn’t that fun ? Sure, during the Photo session you’ll be allowed to shoot as many images you want, but, at the end, you will have to select three only photographs to persuade agencies or any other potential client you can do anything from the saddiest attitude to the most craziest look !!

Ready ?? Welcome on board Dears…

 (Page in Progress…)

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