COVID-19 has changed our world. All what made our daily life has to be rethought, redesigned or even, sometimes, simply stopped.

Before this crisis, I used to receive models at least once a day in my Studio and we were working together for several hours. The day after, I was ready to post one or two photographs.

Then I realized this became kind of a routine and, from my point of view, routine is can rapidly become a bad thing , or at least, not a  breeding ground for Innovation and Creativity.

I then decided to make a pause in my daily posts. In Shooting sessions too by the way, but this was not a voluntary decision but imposed by confinement and government measures.

Today (October the 11th) , I’m still in a stand-by position. I have resumed photo shoots but I still not publish on Social Networks. Models and Editors do… but I want to keep a step behind and think of “New Directions” in my Photography. I have made quite a lot of Color works these last weeks, and worked on my personal projects such as “Renaissance” and “Paris Vintage”. I have created lots of outfits and accessories for future sessions.

 I will come back, that is for sure, but I want to take the time to focus on what are the options to go and gather all means to go forward.

 Anyway, All of you,  be thanked for your support, your daily messages and encouragements and boosts ! I really appreciate.

 Warmest Regards