I would like to thank Léa Hassan @ City Models ( https://www.city-models.com ) for the confidence she has shown for my work. I really appreciate and I’d like to jump on this opportunity to say how much I love this job.

Yes, besides a lot of hard work, hours to improve one’s technique, it also takes a good measure of luck and some kind of an alignment of planets. But when it works, It’s so magical ! This shooting with Larissa ( who probably came from another planet precisely… ) was just an exceptional moment. Larissa is just stunning ! She’s able to bring you from an universe to another in a blink of an eye without loosing an incredible elegance, an irresistible charm. We made hundreds of photographs and I can say each of them is just amazing. Selecting the ones I was about to post has been and still is a pure dilemma.


Thank You Larissa for your very high level of professionalism, Thank You Lea, Thank You Jackie and let’s provide ourselves with the means to reiterate this wonderful experience.