The thing that I like the most but which is both the most difficult in my job is knowing how to find what, in each of my models, makes it unique and irresistible. 

In each of you, there is a nugget, which is, either from a physical detail, or from a look, an attitude maybe, which, when I perceive it, makes you just awesome.


It can be the way you hold your hand or your head, the length of your neck or the fragility of your wrist. For some of you it can be rather subtle while totally blatant for others. 

Professional models know very well what makes them attractive but for beginners it is up to me to find with them that part of themselves that makes them so pretty so unique.


My challenge is to make you feel, dear Models, being self-confident, graceful, elegant and feminine. 

Nothing pleases me more than seeing your radiant face when you discover your photographs and admit that you did not think you were so pretty …